Love You in Secret

Sometimes I feel like
I’m too damaged to ever
love openly again,
too to toxic for love,
I overthink of everything I’m not
and push away all that could be

Lost in the Crowd

I am lost in the crowd,
another classic self sabotage
to add to the collection
of my damaged soul

In the dark, with you

let’s wash up in your darkness
and drown in my damage,
creating the perfect tragedy,
in the dark, with you

Sorry, meant take the pain out

There are many ways
I could take myself out,
ways that could get rid of the pain,
but I’m afraid of how much of it
I would leave behind
to the assumed close ones,
when I am gone

High Hours

Originally posted on almasi:
So a few weeks ago,? you asked if I get highWell, I lied, for my own…

Before The Song Ends

I hope you’re listening to them too,
praying that the beautiful story
we once created will resume some day
without any interruptions,
hope that day will dawn soon