High Hours


So a few weeks ago, you asked if I get high
Well, I lied, for my own insecurities of course
(Yeah, thanks to love)
I said no, afraid to let you know of how wrecked I’ve become

Well, the thought of you has a way of stitching up my heart
The strings, got me tied up to your toxicity
So maybe telling the truth might set me free after all
So hear out my confession, this time, lip to ear

I do get high
One too many times,
So high, my toes can’t get the feeling of the ground
I get high, maybe to raise my spirits, like everyone else
I get high, to pull myself from the ruins you create in me

I like to get high, deep in the night
When life smells obsolete
And the taste of death is much relieving
When tightening the noose around my…

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