In the dark, with you

Drag me into the dark,
let’s sit in the coldest corner
that could tell the loneliest tales
of those that have fallen before us,
the saddest stories of those
that jumped over the dreaded cliff
and offered their spirits freedom,
let’s sit in the darkest corner,
as I find a spark of hope in your eyes,
a reason to wake up tomorrow,
let’s give our life purpose

Drag me into the dark,
take all the time you need
and teach me your ways
how to be at peace in the torment,
take my hand and guide me
through the silent alleys of pain,
teach me how to embrace
this fear of seeing the ominous end,
do all that you wish to do
to make my find home in the fire,
and purify our souls with the flames

Drag me into the dark,
let me love you as you’d wish
amidst all the struggles,
against your desires to save me
by pushing me away;
there’s no fear, I don’t want to run
never intended to run,
pull me closer, let me in,
for I have my own torments
brewed up amongst the midnight owls
that weep out for my soul

Drag me into the dark,
introduce me to all your demons
that keep you sane through
the madness of this unwelcoming world,
and I’ll reveal mine too
let’s find bliss in those we hold common
and cook up a reading of our destiny;
and when you are ready
let’s compare our secret scars
that they marked us with
in all the times we couldn’t contain them

Drag me into the dark,
let us leave everything behind
be long lost and forgotten,
side by side in our storms,
blinded by the love for the night
busking in the glory of the full moon
cleansing our past, be reborn
let’s wash up in your darkness
and drown in my damage,
creating the perfect tragedy,
in the dark, with you

~ © John Acéx


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