Can’t change the past
All the wrongs I did
Every disappointment
The lies I created
and unfulfilled promises

Baby, I let you down
Didn’t deserve all that
The sleepless nights
and endless cries
Wasn’t there for you

I never deserved you
Didn’t appreciate you
Took your love for granted
and you left me wasted
Chocking with remorse

I’m ashamed of facing you
I got no more excuses
To back up my faults
But don’t leave like this
Forgive me, I am sorry!

~ © John Acéx


Thank You (“I love you” be cliché)

everyday i’m afraid,
to tell you “i love you”
’cause i have the feeling
you won’t say it back;
i’ll definitely be crushed
by your honesty,
and it’s better i don’t know
whether you do or don’t
actually love me too

the three words are cliché,
so I tell you “Thank you”
i’m grateful for your patience
with my futile efforts,
and for your kindness
trying not to break my heart,
even when you knew
this wasn’t meant to be,

or maybe i’m just not your type
maybe i’m not good enough
maybe you heard shit about me
maybe you’re right;
but i’m still grateful
for every moment shared
for every memory created
it was damn worth it;

“Thank you”

~ © John Acéx


Life, this life of mine

What’s the essence of living?

What’s my purpose of existence?

Dreaming big ’bout my life

Putting in strainous effort

But results always puny

With every mirror tear that drops

Grows my bitterness towards life

What am I doing wrong?

Burnt down to ashes

Mercy of the wind I remain

I’ve failed to compasss my life

Lost my course of direction

I suffer on my cross

Hoping for a better me

But is there joy set after this?

With every sacrifice I make

Life hits me back dead-shot

What’s this life’s worth?

I need help, hear my cry!

~ © John Acéx