I’ll wait for You

I am looking for the one
I’ve been looking for the one
One who’ll understand me
and accept the real me
One who won’t need me to change
Who’ll take the original me
without any necessary edits
That will adore my glow
and still appreciate my flaw

I am looking for the one
Who will understand my pain
Join me in my darkest corner
and try lighting up my world
Who will hold my hand
Through all the struggles
and join me in my battles
One who will cloud my lonely
and warm me up with company
That will cuff up our wrists
and stay with me in the fire
One who’ll heal my wounds
and scar her own body l
By taking the punches for me

I am looking for the one
One who’ll die to save me
Ready to sacrifice themselves
So I may see another tomorrow
More concerned of a smile on my visage
Even if it’s crooked
Than see a tear roll down my cheeks
One who’ll break the rules
just to be by my side
One who’ll deny all rumours spread
and preach the truth about me
One who’ll defy all odds
Break all chains and stumbles
Just to be mine
Who’ll stay even when it gets hard

I am looking for the one
One who’ll wait for me when I leave
That’ll never lose the patience
and still see the essence in loyalty
One who’ll run to the desert
and find me in whatever dust storm
One who’ll recognize me in the dark
Just by the touch of my hand
or rather by my rate of breathing
Who’ll master the pace of my footsteps
and recognize them at any time
Even without the simple sound of my voice

I am looking for the one
One who’ll understand my stories
Without any need of elaboration
Who will know all my poems by heart
And live every reality in my fantasy
That will value my love for the art
and make every piece theirs
I am looking for the one
Who’ll read this wherever they are
and quickly fathom it’s about them
One who’ll appreciate it as it is
and not conclude any sense of selfishness
As many will definitely do
One that’ll be ready to be mine
To love, to hold and to cherish
I’ve been looking for you
I’ll wait for you

~ John Acéx


The Light in You

Wish you’d see yourself
Through my eyes,
Your magical glow
and gorgeous smile,
Your rays of beauty
Even in the darkest days,
Then you’d understand
Why I’ll never stop staring

Wish you’d feel your skin
Through my palms,
Miles of smooth temptation
and melanin creation,
Your lovely flawless flair
Even with no makeup,
Then you’d understand
Why I’ll never stop holding you

Wish you’d taste your lips
Through my own,
How it shocks me high
Like static electricity,
With the new wine like sips
and relaxing sensation,
Then you’d understand
Why I’ll never stop kissing you


The notebook,
had been lonely all her life
Stacked up with her family in the shelves
And though she gathered up dust at times
Deep down she was neat and clean,
She had that new fresh smell
That made her more attractive,
She was still full of all her pages
With no form of rip-outs,
But something always felt missing,
She was perfect in her making
With no distorted puppy ears
She was all pure and innocent
Her beauty was one to marvel at
Stood out from all her kith and kin;

She always wore this hard black cover
Unlike the rest’s brightly coloured ones,
She loved and adored her black cover
She’d say it made her feel safe
It made her look unfazed and chilled;
Inside her, she had the finest of pages
somewhat shady white and perfectly trimmed,
Her pages were a varied of sorts
Some were uniformly ruled in deep black
and yet some were just plain
You see, this always made her beautiful
She considered herself blessed
But honestly, something always felt missing
She felt alone and always in distress
She needed a saviour, a hero of some sort
Her story was unfinished
She needed one who’d help her feel complete
She needed her own special Pen
And she only hoped on destiny!

~ John Acéx

Feels like Deja Vu

Everytime I’m around you
It feels like deja vu
’cause there’s nothing else we do

Gazing outside my window
She’s walking alone in the cold
Moonlight shining upon her
She seems disturbed
Something’s chewing up her mind
As it always is
She sees me by the window
With a shady smile, she waves
I grab my jacket in a rush
Hoping maybe this time it’ll be different

Coming close to her
I see her sobbing, deep in pain
She tries to hold it back
but it’s just too overwhelming
I wanna reach out to you
but some devil holds me to the spot
The devil I created, fear.
Her gorgeous blonde hair covers her face
In an effort to conceal her hurt
She wipes away her tears
and smiles again, but it’s not okay
I’m afraid of what to say
I don’t know what to do
I just stand there, as I always do.

The silence is awkward
it feels like eternity.
Beside her is a free bench
dripping off drops of the rain
Each drop with a beautiful ripple
It’s like bursting and letting go
We stare at the wet bench
’cause we’re afraid of facing the truth.

Concealing an obvious truth
It’s a tough personal battle
It is kinda funny you know
’cause we both know each other’s truth
‘I have a mad crush on you’
Rings in my head but can’t come out
Ever since she moved to our block
Was probably six or five
Just a kid with a mad crush
and I hoped for our youth
‘Youth promises us immorality
but it doesn’t have the means
to hold it’s end of the bargain’
Rudy Francisco was right!

She is a troubled soul
Chocking and drowning in pain
Struggling to live each day
Raised by a single abusive father
A drunkard she picks off the trenches
on a daily evening routine.
She hates her father
but cares enough to care, for him
The daily fights they have
Half the block hears their wars
Though not physical, totally heart breaking
And through her father
She dislikes the male human species
It’s the reason why we can’t be together
Yet… hopefully

We sit on the bench
hands deep in our warm pockets
Staring at the old beggar across the street
He’s tryn’a collect a few coins
Many pass by and ignore his pleas
Every man for himself, God for us all
Goes their mantra in pretence
Many are judging him
That he’s tryn’a reap where he didn’t sow
We’re all troubled souls.

‘How’s your day been’, I could say
but the silence is so hard to break
So we just sit there
As we always do on such nights
We ain’t that close, not even friends
And we’re definitely not enemies too
We are just strangers
Who find everything good and perfect
in each other’s existence

You wanna share your troubles with me
You wanna find peace in me
I’m right here but you just can’t
You don’t want to get close
’cause it would make an impression
Suggestive to push my hopes high
I wanna tell you I’m here for you
That I’m ready to listen and help
but I have to play pretend
It would be thought as meddling
I’m not that certain
Maybe it’s what you want me to do

I wanna tell you how beautiful you are
The way your hair whips back in the wind
Cute smile and angelic glow of your eyes.
I’m always assumed to be ‘too chilled’
Which is actually true
I find peace in my loneliness
but I wanna open up to you
I wanna say I love you
Three words, just three words
but yet so hard to release them.
I want to be your shoulder to lean on
To comfort in times like this
Our silence is still awkward
Under the dim glow of the street light;
Two troubled souls.

Everytime I’m around you
It feels like deja vu
’cause there’s nothing else we do!

~ © John Acéx

The Dogma of our Love

Every second I’ve lived, before knowing you
Was not really living at all
But merely the ticking of a clock
Before time began, our time

You are the wind, You carried me so high
I saw all the world glistening below
But wind must weave with other wisps
And leaves across numberless cities & seas
What can I do but linger a while in this sinking
Thankful for her touch
And the way you made me come alive

We, of all people in the world
Deserve our love
I will wait for your breath
On my face
How long? As long as it takes

Coz we break the rules
And follow our heart

When I say I adore you and cherish you
What I mean is…
I will do anything, to give you everything
I found completeness in you
In the brush of your lips
And your near beating heart
And your breath on my chest
And your hold of me close, closer

Sink with me into still waters
Where whispers willow over reedy shallows
We pour the ripples rinsing icy fractals
Let’s wade in deeper
Chasing flickering orb into the dark hollow
Where it goes let us follow

Let your gaze fall upon me
And turn this moment into forever
Coz I find the galaxies in your eyes
And forever starts today!

~ © John Acéx

Only You

Obviously my only one is YOU
Believe I was born for YOU
My love & trust is for YOU
I dream & hope only for YOU
I want no one else but YOU

I’ll forever be here for YOU
Laugh with YOU & Cry for YOU
And if I’m not good enough for YOU
I’m ready to change for YOU
Let everything go for YOU
Im’a put my focus on YOU
Cut off all these chasers for YOU

I wanna be only with YOU
Do the unthinkable with YOU
Explore places unknown with YOU
Doesn’t matter if I’m lost with YOU
Because I find my way in YOU
Every time high with YOU

If I have to I will fight for YOU
all these fakes be hunting YOU
but u know I’m the real score for YOU
Whatever it takes to be with YOU

Everything I have is for YOU
Anything u want Im’a give it to YOU
Im’a keep it true, I’ve fallen for YOU
I promise I will never hurt YOU
I find my fulfillment in YOU

I wanna live & love with YOU
Grow old with YOU

& hope YOU crave for me too!

~ © John Acéx

Cupid’s shot

“Ain’t ready,” you say

But patient I’ll stay

You fear to love me,

You fear to love anyone

That flames of love unbearable

Haunted by past love, you claim

Broken heart from ex-he

Think history will recur

That the wound, I’ll salt.

I can’t promise you heaven, dear

But I swear I’ll not hurt your ever

You’ll always deserve better

I’m willing to be the one, not later

Make the pal-sparks hotter

Light the new flame, yeah, make it lit

Please say yes and never give up

Like an omega without a pack

Like a beta that doesn’t fit in

Like an alpha with a weak pack;

That’s me, without your love

Time I’ll give, for you to navigate

But don’t take too long, I’ll be waiting

~ © John Acéx